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Wireless is what we do!


Fastnet Communications is based around connectivity.  From Point-to-Point, Point-to-MultiPoint, licensed, unlicensed, and Wifi, we utilize it all!  Our custom wireless solutions are sure to meet your needs and budget.  Contact us today for more information.

Wifi Networks.

We can set up a full premises Wifi system for your home, business, cottage, RV park, marina, farmyard or hotel! You name it and we can provide a solution that meets your demands. These systems can provide separate guest networks, 802.11 G, N and even AC! Our cloud-based management software lets us keep an eye on your system so we can see how it's functioning. 


Our existing installations include;



Restaurants and Cafes

Social and Athletic Clubs

Marinas and Yacht Clubs





Club Houses


Point to Point Wireless links


Need to connect your shop to your house? We can Help. We can connect buildings using wireless links. Installations take less than a day and most equipment is in stock.  


Event Wifi


Fastnet Communications specializes in providing entire complex wifi and internet solutions. We can provide special packages that cover the entire complex, management office and common areas!

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