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Fibre Optic Network Locations

160 Smith St
283 Portage Ave
294 Portage Avenue

167 Lombard Ave
355 Portage Ave
360 Portage Ave
333 Vaughan St
309 Mcdermot Ave
65 Mcdermot Ave
98 Market Ave

Tower Locations

Downtown Winnipeg
Transcona Industrial Park
Inskter Industrial Park
Brookside Blvd Industrial

Commercial Internet Solutions


Our dedicated team of Professional Engineers and IT professionals work with you and your business to provide a connection that meets your needs and your budget, while helping you manage your implementation strategy. Fastnet Communications offers symmetrical connections starting at 20 mpbs and $225 per month that can be delivered via fibre optics, ethernet, unlicensed wireless and licensed wireless.


Contact us for your custom solution


Downtown Winnipeg Fibre Optic Network

100 mbit symmetrical  starting at  $250 per month

1Gigabit symmetrical starting at  $650 per month


Wirelessly delivered:

20/20 from $225 per month

50/50 from $289 per month

100/100 from $350 per month


Fastnet Connected Building DSL Network

25/25 from $55 per month

50/50 from $70 per month

100/50 from $85 per month

Fibre Optics

1 gigabit, 10 gigabit fibre optic connections
1 gigabit and 10 gigabit transport from $249 a month

Point to Point fibre optic links.
Dark Fibre from $499 a month
Dark Wavelengths from $299 a month

Fibre Optic Security options available including breakage, tapping and movement monitoring


Scalable Wifi networks.


Fastnet Communications has considerable experience with WiFi networks.  We can design a custom cloud-managed solution that provides complete coverage of your building, yard or premise. Our installations include hotels, marinas, yacht clubs, athletic clubs, banquet facilities, offices and residences.


Intranet Solutions


Do you need to connect multiple buildings?  We can help.  There are several options that can provide you with private networking between your locations, including point-to-point wireless links, VLANs over our existing network and VPNs.


MDU connections


Fastnet Communications is proud to offer a number of solutions for condominiums and apartment complexes.  Please see our residential page about getting your building 'Fastnet Connected'


Colocation and Hosting


Host your servers with us.  Our downtown facilities can handle just about anything you need.  Multiple providers and backup power systems provide incredible up time for your mission-critical equipment.  Contact us with your requirements so we can tailor a solution for your needs.


​One Time Uploads
Need to upload a lot of data to the cloud?  Do you have a one-off transfer?  Give us a shout and let us know what you are looking to do and we should be able to help.  We can provide a safe and secure location for you to temporarily setup your data storage device and provide you with a really fast connection to upload.  This service is ideal for setting up off-site backups where your daily increments don't warrant a service increase. 
Sample upload times
                    1 TB                     10 TB
2mbps -        50 days                 500 days
25 mbps -     4 days                   40 days
100 mbps -   1 day                     10 days
200 mbps -   12 hours                 5 days
500 mbps -   4 hours                   40 hours
Temporary and Mobile Connections


Targeted towards the construction, film industry, festivals, Oil and Gas, and work camps, Fastnet Communications can provide temporary communications to suit your needs.  If it's for a day, a week or a month, we can have you up and running in no time. 

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